We are an Independent Voluntary Organisation formed in 1992 to improve Access and Facilities for people with disabilities in the Borough of Spelthorne.

The objectives of SCAN as stated in our Constitution are:

  • To promote full public awareness of the abilities of people with disabilities and the highlighting of issues associated with disability.
  • To promote the rights of persons with disabilities to be part of and not apart from their community.
  • To support persons with disabilities in seeking to attain safe and easy access to buildings and facilities, in order to avoid the restrictions on freedom and choice of activity and movement.
  • To liaise with local and national organisations and disseminate information where applicable, and to encourage local organisations and statutory authorities to recognise the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities.
  • To provide a focus for matters relating to accessibility and to promote appropriate initiatives.

Our Chairman receives a copy of the weekly Schedule of Planning Applications from Spelthorne Council. These schedules list the location and nature of planning proposals together with the named officer dealing with the application. Where proposals fail to demonstrate that proper consideration has been given to the needs people with disabilities, comments or objections are sent to the planning case officer

Regular reports of these comments and/or objections are made available to members at our quarterly meetings and the current report can be found in this web site