Former Majestic House site, High Street, Staines TW18 4DA - 09/00566/DC8

(Discharge of condition for disabled access and parking -, architects and the consultant team responses to the points raised:

  • Parking spaces could be placed nearer to the lift access points. - Basement; wheelchair spaces directly adjacent to core entrances. Ground; wheelchair spaces directly adjacent to core entrances. 1st floor; wheelchair spaces directly adjacent to core entrances. 2nd floor; wheelchair spaces directly adjacent to core entrances. 3rd floor; wheelchair spaces as close to core entrances as column layout will allow. All of wheelchair spaces are located around perimeter of car park meaning that wheelchair users do not need to cross vehicle circulation.
  • Numerous ramps are proposed throughout the development and the suitability will depend upon the length/pitch. - Noted and confirm that this is covered by building regulations.
  • The ramps to residential Blocks B and C should provide passing places.  I suggest a short rise lift to be more suitable in each case as some disabled people may find the overall length of the ramp with 700mm rise difficult to negotiate. - Noted.
  • The ramp closest to the junction of Fairfield Avenue and the High Street should have clearly signposted steps adjacent to it. - Noted.
  • My comments for the above point apply to the ramp within the area marked both Retail 5 and 'Residents Gym'. - There will be a short rise lift to gym / retail 5.
  • Along the Fairfield Avenue frontage (and elsewhere) there are numerous doors opening outwards over the 3.5m wide footway proposed.  I believe these will create a series of hazards for blind/partially sighted people.  I suggest automatic sliding doors to be more suitable in most cases as these also address the issue of people with weakness. In other cases, the doors can either open inwards (i.e. along the link road) or the pavement could be made narrower by providing a landscape feature along the front of the building. - All doors now open inwards apart from substation doors, which have a requirement to open outwards and will be used infrequently for servicing / maintenance.
  • What arrangements are proposed for disabled residents to dispose of waste/recycling? - Level access is provided from residential units to refuse stores on ground and basement levels.
  • The residential gym (Retail 5) appears to have segregated changing and a unisex facility should be incorporated. - These can both be allocated as unisex changing facilities.
  • The office block appears to have segregated toilets without a unisex facility. - We can incorporate and allocate uni-sex facilities.

I anticipate that a number of these points can be addressed as part of the building regulation approval process although there are several which could affect the planning application.      AWAITING DECISION