11th September 2017  Former Brooklands College, Church Road, Ashford, TW15 2XD 17/01274/FUL 
Planning permission for the redevelopment of the site comprising the demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of new buildings between one and five storeys to accommodate 357 dwellings (within use class C3), 619 sqm (GIA) of flexible commercial floorspace (within use classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1Ca) and 442 sqm (GIA) of education floorspace (within use class D1), the provision of public open space and associated car parking, cycle parking, access and related infrastructure and associated works

OBJECTION-The Design and Access statement erroneously refers to the DDA instead of the Equalities Act and makes it clear that this development for 357 dwellings provides inadequate provision for disabled people. It is intended that disabled people can do no more than 'visit' the development. If approved in this way building regulations would not be able to require 'Accessible and adaptable' or 'Wheelchair user' dwelling and a further 357 dwellings would exclude disabled people. Whilst mention is made to 'lifetime homes' in reality, as far as I can see, none of the dwelllings are suitable. A number of lifts are shown but these do not provide access to all flats. Indeed, from undercroft parking certain lifts will be inaccessible to wheelchair users.
Landscaping and levels are insufficiently clear to establish what barriers exist for disabled people to gain access to or around the buildings. (open for comments 18/10/2017 – SCAN objection recorded)