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February 2018

Dwellings for Disabled People
Access All Areas
Be My Eyes: Lend Your Eyes to a Blind Person
New Technology Helps Blind People 'See' at Cinema
Headway Supper Club
Good Posture Is Important for Everyone
Here’s What We Think Altzheimer’s Does to The Brain
New Down’s Syndrome Screening Process
Deaf Actor Who Launched Deaf-Led Theatre Company
Benwell Community Centre
Greeno Centre
Age with Attitude

NHS Supported Hearing Aid Maintenance Clinics
SCAM Awareness – Don’t Get Trapped
Community Groups – Breath Easy, One to One
Stanwell Rose Community Centre,
Spelthorne ParaSports Club Finally,
Recognition for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Some Employers Won’t Even Lie to Pollsters About Not Wanting to Hire Disabled People
Houses of Parliament Not Wheelchair Friendly

Christmas 2017

Agein’ with Attitude,
Why ‘Airport Wheelchair Fraudsters Don’t Exist,
Celebrate Small Acts Of ‘Boring Self Care’
Autism Experts Call For Further Research Into 100-Year-Old Drug
I Can't Tell What's Real Any More – Deja Vu
Nurses Call for Therapy Animals To Be Let Into Hospitals To Help Sick Children
How I Went Blind And Started Hearing Colours
AGE UK - Free Home Energy Check
TIME for Spelthorne – Time Banking
Sight for Surrey - Guildford Cathedral Abseil 2018
Disability Rights UK – London Marathon 2018
New Research Helping to Understand How Alzheimer’s Affects The Brain Connections